How to send lap time information to cellular devices.


You may use the instructions below to have alerts/notifications sent to your mobile device or email account at no charge to you (Message and data rates may apply depending on your mobile device plan, please consult your mobile carrier if you have any questions about SMS message rates). This system is in it's beta testing phase, please bear with us if you encounter any issues or problems.

To use the system, you text codes from your mobile device or send an email from your computer. Instead of texting to a phone number as you normally would, you text to our email address: - or use your computer to email our responder address if you would like to receive notifications on your computer. If emailing, be sure to send the codes in the BODY of the message, not the subject.
You may also search for your racer, then subscribe from his/her profile page.

The following codes are available:

sub <transponder nbr> - Example: sub 4523427
Using this code will subscribe you to a transponder for the duration of the event - this causes you to receive an automatic notification each time the racer completes a lap. The notification will contain current position, laptime, and various other info. The system will text you back a code to verify & activate your subscription. The code will be the letter 'S' and two digits - for example: s15

Texting the word 'unsub' to our email address will cause the system to either cancel your subscription in the case you only have one, if you have more than one, it will respond back with codes to unsubscribe from all or a particular racer. Unsubscription codes will be the letter 'U' followed by two digits - for example: u15

<help> - Example: help
Texting the system the word "help" will cause a response to be sent to your mobile device with a list of available commands and a brief description of how to use each command.

All results provided by the sms/text responder system are unofficial and do not reflect penalties or disqualifications

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