How do the work?

A loop is buried in the ground at the finish line and acts as an antenna to record the time of each transponder passing over it.  This is called the SCAN TIME and is used to calculate lap times.  This data is passed on to the scoring software, typically Trackside, and used by the software to place racers in the proper finish order based on the aquired data.

While a racer is on the race track, his scan times (converted to lap times and current position) can be displayed on video monitors located around the racetrack as well as to display up to the minute race information for the personel in the announcing tower.

Scan information can also be sent to a timing and scoring website and by selecting the live results tab on the website, anyone with web access can view real time lap times and results for the event in progress.

A racers information can also be sent in real time by SMS to cell phones.  Any time a  transponder crosses the finish line and is scanned, a text message is sent to any registered cell device showing the current lap time as well the racers position in the race.

Lap times as well as lap charts are stored with the results when the results are posted using the Trackside Online Reporting tool.

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